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Digital Dreams Official Site Map Released!

Electronic Nation Reimagines the Digital Dreams Festival Grounds

On Canada Day long weekend of last year, Torontonian’s had the opportunity to venture into what would become the largest electronic music festival our country has ever seen. As ticket sales broke records, Ontario Place soon became a tribalistic gathering of 50,000 dancers celebrating our nations birthday over two days of festival activities. This year is no different as Electronic Nation hope to once again dominate the Canadian festival market with what could be the greatest festival Canada has ever seen (again).

Last year the events took place on the east side of the Ontario Place grounds with each stage facing south towards Lake Ontario. It kept partygoer’s confined to the island just over the bridge and, although easily accessible to each stage, did pose some problems when it came to sound clashes between the Dreams stage and Echo Beach stage. Moving forward to this years plans for Digital Dreams – which is now sponsored by Bud Light – Electronic Nation have come up with a new site map, released just yesterday via social media. The new plans extend the Dream Stage to the parking lot on Lakeshore Blvd West, separating the two main stages (Echo Beach and Dream Stage) from one another and preventing interference. A massive undertaking by both Electronic Nation and all productions crews involved with this years festival.

The official dates for the festival are for June 28th – June 29th.  A perfect time for Canada to come together as one and celebrate our nations 147th birthday!

For more information on the Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival and the full Artist Roster please visit:

2014 Bud Light Digital Dreams Site Map

digital dreams site map

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