BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer

Liquid Rhythm BeatWeaver

The BeatWeaver is a rhythm design tool. Based on your choices, it generates rhythmic patterns you can play with. It’s made up of three parts The BeatForm Circuits, Step Sequencer and the BeatWeave list.

The BeatForm Circuits

Liquid Rhythm BeatWeaver

The BeatForm Circuits send BeatForms – or “note clusters” – to specific locations in a bar through up to 3 preset paths. To see where these paths lead, just follow the highlighted path.

Step Sequencer

Liquid Rhythm BeatWeaver Step Sequencer

This simple 8-step sequencer opens the paths from the BeatForm Circuits to the BeatWeave List. Click any of the steps to activate them.

Notice that the paths from the BeatForm Circuit update dynamically as you change the pattern in the Step Sequencer. To lock a pattern in place, click the lock button and select a pattern to lock.


BeatWeaver List

Liquid Rhythm BeatWeaver List

The BeatWeaver List shows every possible combination of your chosen note clusters in one bar. Each one of these patterns can be inserted into the Arranger.

In order to populate this list, make sure the BeatForm Circuits have note clusters in them first:

BeatForms going into the Circuit

For more on this feature, check out this video.

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