BeatForm Tumbler

Beatform Tumbler

For months, there was a rumour that a team of renegade developers at WaveDNA went rogue and disappeared into the torrid jungles of Borneo with some laptops to work on some seriously controversial project. Upper management was fuming.

Well, these mad scientists have returned with a feature that lets you dial up the complexity of any beat really quickly with sweet looking knobs.

To use it, click and drag on the knobs to cycle through clusters of notes. The note clusters will then be inserted into the corresponding spots in the selected regions.

Liquid Rhythm Beatform Tumbler Dial

Many DAWs give you the ability to increase the frequency of notes in a region (which is a great lead-up to an intense moment). “But what about the rest of the beat,” laughed these scientists. How can musicians target the intensity or simplicity of any part of a beat and make four-bar loops more musical without spending forty hours manually moving notes around with a mouse?

Well, these nut-jobs returned from the jungle with enviable tans and a chromed-out briefcase full of this: The BeatForm Tumbler.

Use this deceptively simple looking dial interface with caution: it’s highly powerful– and very addictive. The dials are designed to tumble through the BeatForms in the BeatForm Palette and spread the love through your beat. Select different entries in the BeatForm Palette to change what you can dial into the selected regions based on either color codes or the beat locations.

Liquid Rhythm Beatform Tumbler

Complexify or simplify your beat.


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