“A powerful rhythm programmer with unparalleled depth and a clever approach to MIDI.”

- Hollin Jones, Music Tech


Liquid Rhythm Version 1.3.4

New Ableton Push Integration

Previously available as a beta version, Liquid Rhythm version 1.3.4 now includes a fully functional MIDI script for the Ableton Push. This integration allows users to to control Liquid Rhythm directly from Ableton Push without ever having to touch a mouse. Watch DJ Shine try out this highly fluid workflow that will help keep creative juices flowing during the music making process.


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Liquid Rhythm.

Create Beats. Have Fun.

Liquid Rhythm is the MIDI sequencer and beat creation software that you’ll leave the piano roll for. Paint beats with groups of notes and remix your rhythm patterns with powerful MIDI effects.

  • Efficiently Develop Human Sounding Musical Ideas
  • Quickly Access Ten Quadrillion Patterns
  • Streamline The Creation Of Rhythm Tracks

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    Ableton Live Clips Integration

    Liquid Rhythm’s powerful MIDI sequencing and editing tools can be used to create and remix MIDI patterns directly in Ableton Live clips. This allows for a seamless integration of Liquid Rhythm’s powerful MIDI editing tools into any existing Ableton Live production and performance workflow.


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