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  • - Liquid Music - VST / AU (Logic Pro X only) / "Max For Live"
  • - Liquid Rhythm - VST / AU / Standalone

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How to Install | System Requirements | FAQ

Your Next Song is a Sketch Away

Liquid Music is a powerful software plug-in that helps you instantly produce original song ideas. No more waiting around for inspiration to strike. Simply create inspiring beats, chord progressions and melodies using a unique visual workflow. It’s the quickest way to inspire new ideas and conquer writer’s block. No more piano-roll tedium, no more MIDI noodling—just exhilarating, effortless creation on your terms. With Liquid Music, you can:

  • Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool
  • Make unique beats instantly using a collection of rhythmic building blocks
  • Tweak and evolve song ideas in real-time using five layers of control
  • Fully integrate into your DAW with VST / AU / Max for Live plugins

How to install

Existing Liquid Rhythm Users: Please uninstall Liquid Rhythm first before installing Liquid Music. Full instructions on how to uninstall Liquid Rhythm can be found here.

Please note: You must have an active internet connection to install, launch and activate Liquid Music for the first time.  After that, an internet connection is not required.)


  1. Close any DAWs that may be currently open.
  2. Double-click the Liquid Music.dmg.
  3. Double-click the Liquid Music installer and follow the steps.


  1. Uninstall any existing version of Liquid Rhythm or Liquid Music using the Add or remove programs in Windows.
  2. Double-click the Liquid Music.exe to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the steps in the install wizard.

How do I launch Liquid Music?

(Note that Liquid Music does not run in standalone.  It only runs as a plugin (VST / AU / “Max for Live”).)

Loading the plugin:

  1. Launch your DAW.
    1. Most DAWs with VST: The Liquid Music VST plugin will appear in the usual VST Instrument plugin list.  Load Liquid Music VST.  Note that Liquid Music does not generate sound, so load a software synth in another track, and connect the MIDI output of the Liquid Music track into the MIDI input of the software synth track.
    2. Logic Pro X: The Liquid Music AU plugin will appear in the MIDI FX dropdown menu of the software instrument track.  Load it there, and then load an instrument in the same track. Watch this video for further help.
    3. Ableton Live 9 (with “Max For Live” plugin),: In Live’s Browser, go to Max for Live > Max MIDI Effect.  From there, you should see LiquidMusic.amxd. Load that plugin onto an Ableton MIDI track, and you should now be able to use melody / harmony tools. Watch this video for further help.

System Requirements

  • VST / AU – compatible DAW host (Cubase, Logic Pro X, Studio One, Ableton Live, etc.)
  • A synthesizer plugin (such as those that come with your DAW host) to generate sound from Liquid Music’s MIDI output.
  • “Max For Live” plugin: Ableton Live 9 Suite (which includes “Max for Live”)
    • For Windows 7 & Windows 8.1: Max 7 (64 bit is recommended) and / or Max 6.1.7 + (Recommended latest Max 7)
    • For Windows 10: Max 7 (64 bit) is required.
    • For OSX: Max 7 (64 bit is recommended) and / or Max 6.1.7 + (Recommended latest Max 7)
  • Java
    • For Windows:  Java 1.8 (Recommended Java SE8 by Oracle)  –  64 bit
      • Download Windows Java here
      • If you are running Ableton 32 bit you will require Java SE 8 32 bit Java from oracle (x86 offline installer)
    • For OSX: Java requirements based on operation modes:
      • Standalone (Liquid Rhythm): JDK version of Java 1.8 or better from Oracle
      • VST: Java NOT required
      • Max for Live: JDK version of Java 1.8 or better from Oracle

      NOTE pt. II: If you are already running Apple’s legacy Java 1.6, then there is no need to update. Liquid Music is backwards compatible with this version of Java