WaveDNA Interviews Madeleine from Sonic Bloom

I’ve used Liquid Rhythm to achieve more variation within my beats in some of the songs and probably will continue to do so. 1) Describe your experience with Liquid Rhythm in one or two sentences. I love using Liquid Rhythm for creating broken beat variations. It’s great for adding all those little humanized hi-hats, breaks, and other drum fills that would otherwise require lots of editing. 2) Who are you,…

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WaveDNA set to Attend A3E Boston

Technology continues to evolve and transform the music industry. On September 23 & 24 2014, the team at WaveDNA will be attending the first inaugural Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (A3E) in Boston, Massachusetts. CEO and President of WaveDNA Douglas Mummenhoff  will be on the panel of the 1pm session on Tuesday September 23 2014 titled ADC – 2: “The next 12 Months of Advanced Audio Development: Desktop Technology”.  During this time,…

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Liquid Rhythm Tips and Tricks

Ableton Certified Instructor and Liquid Rhythm Guru Jason Spanu aka DJ Shine shows us advanced editing tips and tricks in Liquid Rhythm. As we all know Liquid Rhythm is a great piece of software for quickly generating beats if you are a beat programmer, producer, instrumentalist looking for a quick way to create backing beats, or just an avid user of music production software in general.  As a new user…

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6 Reasons to go to Electric Island

Rather then talk about Electric Island and what its all about (i’m sure by now you’ve all heard about it since we’ve blogged about them before) we thought we would take this post a little differently.  We all know the artists, we all know the kind of eccentric music we can expect, but no one has really explained WHY you should go.  Here are 6 reasons to go to Electric…

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Sound on Sound Magazine

Sound on Sound Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Paul Nagle Looks at Liquid Rhythm in Sound on Sound Magazine’s On Test The WaveDNA team loved seeing Liquid Rhythm featured in the July 2014 edition of Sound on Sound Magazine, one of the best recording technology magazines around. Sound on Sound’s Paul Nagle delved into the world of Liquid Rhythm, a “pattern sequencer plug-in [that] offers exotic creative tools with even more exotic names” to discover how BeatForms, BarForms, and the Music…

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Digital Dreams Contest Presented by WaveDNA

Enter WaveDNA’s Digital Dreams Contest to Win 1 of 4 Grand Prize Packages! Digital Dreams, Canada’s largest electronic music festival is only 5 days away and with tickets selling like hot cakes your chances are growing more and more thin to be a part of it all.  Thankfully for you though, we’re holding a Digital Dreams contest and want to hook you up with an amazing opportunity to attend the…

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Attack Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm 1.4

“Liquid Rhythm’s approach to beat programming is refreshingly original and incredibly efficient” Attack Magazine‘s Greg Scarth released a full review of our newest update for Liquid Rhythm 1.4, which was published on the online Magazines website last week. When the team here at WaveDNA got a chance to read through it, we were very ecstatic about all the kind things Greg had to say.  Greg went in depth to describe the basic…

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Liquid Rhythm 1.4 Feature Image

Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.4!

Community-Requested Features, Improvements, and Extended Ableton Live Max for Live Support It’s been a long time! This release took its sweet time coming, but it’s packed with features and improvements. For example, Liquid Rhythm 1.4 takes the concept of working with note clusters (a.k.a. “BeatForms”) many step further. You can now draw, paint, edit, and swap them around, directly in the Arranger. Making beats with the BeatForm Sequencer is fun,…

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WaveDNA Interviews Broombeck

I like to have “intelligent“ software, that isn’t very technical so you have more time to be creative. Marcus Schmahl is a true musician who has been working as a composer, sound designer and producer since 1992. He is the driving force behind music projects of different genres such as hip hop, downbeat, jazz, lounge, house, techno, electronica, electro and drum’n’bass and the lead behind the alias “Broombeck”.  He has…

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Deadmau5 to sell “Purrari”

After returning from his first Gum ball 3000 race, the Mau5 and his “Purrari” have been tackling none stop adventures. He ended up winning the Spirit of Gumball, performed a few surprise shows, and even impressed the creator of the Gumball 3000. “He was easily the most popular Gumballer throughout the rally, he did every checkpoint, he did every function, he did every party. He embraced the Gumball exactly how…

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