The Music Molecule

The Music Molecule is a new representation of MIDI created by WaveDNA. It’s a visual showcase of shapes and colours with a view into the rhythmic structures of music. These structures provide a way to group notes together into little note clusters that you can play with – they can be sequenced, edited, and painted.

Liquid Rhythm Music Molecule

Unlike traditional MIDI editors, Liquid Rhythm doesn’t require you to have any theoretical understanding of music or the piano. It’s a way of grouping notes together in a 4/4 bar to let you actually paint entire bars of music onto your arranger. This is what we mean when we say, “Create beats one bar at a time.” With the BeatBuilder, it’s always one click away.

Visually this is what’s going on in the Music Molecule:

Liquid Rhythm MIDI Note Visualization

The colours beneath the notes actually group notes together in chunks called BeatForms:

Liquid Rhythm BeatForm Colour

…and BeatForms are grouped together in BarForms:

Liquid Rhythm BarForm Visual

This is helpful in a variety of ways. For example, you can make velocity alterations to multiple notes across multiple bars based on these patterns. You can shuffle rhythm patterns around, or even just add a single note event uniformly in multiple selected bars. You can also input notes many notes at a time.

These are just the basics. For a more detailed glimpse at the Music Molecule, check out this video below.

Watch the video for The Music Molecule

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