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Liquid Rhythm features a selection of distinct kits, each mapped to the General MIDI standard of percussion (which is a fancy way of saying that when you hook up your MIDI drum pad, everything will work just the way you’d expect it to).

There are six electronic kits:

1. DnB
2. Dubstep
3. HipHop
4. House
5. Techno
6. Trance

Additionally, there are four acoustic kits:

1. Acoustic
2. Pop
3. Rock
4. Soul

Each kit features multi-sample instruments. This makes playing Liquid Rhythm live actually feel live. Snare drums, toms, hi hats, kicks– they all react like actual instruments.

Some kits are included with the installer, and others can be downloaded later on. To download additional kits, either go to the Help menu and choose “Download Additional Instruments,” or switch to the Kit tab in the Library, right click in the list of Kits, and choose “Download Additional Kits.”

Download Extra Kits

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