Register Legacy Liquid Rhythm 1.4.5 Retail Key

The following instructions pertain to the legacy 1.4.5 version of Liquid Rhythm only.

To register a legacy Liquid Music 1.4.5 retail key, enter the key directly into the software.

Step 1: Identify Your Retail Key

Register Liquid Rhythm Retail Key Register Liquid Rhythm Intro Retail Key

Step 2: Input The Retail Key to Receive Your Confirmation Key

After the successful completion of this form you will receive an email containing your Confirmation Key and a download link. Fields with a * must be filled.

NOTE as of Dec 24, 2020: Ableton Live 10 Suite and up and this version of Liquid Rhythm (1.4.5) are not AMXD (Max for Live) compatible. We recommend giving Liquid Music a try instead. Liquid Music includes an updated version of Liquid Rhythm, which is fully compatible in Ableton Live 10 and up. You won’t be giving anything up, and you will be adding harmonic tools to your rhythm toolset.

If you own Liquid Rhythm and Ableton Live 10 or up, you will run into issues with AMXD (Max for Live) however you can use VST instead.

This version of Liquid Rhythm (v1.4.5) may require further configuration for full compatibility in Catalina and Big Sur OS, please write into if you run into any issues.

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