Clip Selector

Liquid Rhythm Clip Selector

The Clip Selector is a list containing shortcuts to clips in your Live session view. To use it:

  1. Select a clip in any MIDI track (in Live) and it’s automatically added to this list.
  2. Double-click a [“recent” clip], to view its contents in Liquid Rhythm.

Notice that the colors of the Clips in your MIDI track match those in the Clip Selector to help you keep track.
Liquid Rhythm Ableton Live Plugin

While working through your session, you’ll notice that this list can quickly grow.

  • Drag-and-drop clips you use the most often into the Saved tab.

Liquid Rhythm Saved Clips

As you already know, selecting a clip in Live loads its contents automatically into Liquid Rhythm’s Arranger. To edit one clip exclusively:

  • Activate lock mode. You are now free to select and edit other clips in Live while keeping Liquid Rhythm focused on a specific clip.

When you’re ready to edit another clip, double click it from this list or deactivate lock mode.
Clip Selector image02

To watch a detailed video on this feature, follow this link:

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