Ohm Studio


 WaveDNA is very excited to have found a really cool DAW that is jam packed with tons of great plugins, sounds and features. Ohm Studio’s highlight feature is the ability to connect, whilst making music in real time, with another computer. This is great for those who are very focused on songwriting as it would open up avenues to write with many different people from around the world. Even if you are just looking for a creative outlet, Ohm Studio is very easy to use and the User Interface is fantastic.

Now bring in Liquid Rhythm into the picture. Liquid Rhythm can aid in speeding up this songwriting process Click here for a video that shows you how to make a quick beat. By being able to create your rhythm in a matter of seconds, it will make your workflow easier and ultimately give you more time to be creative.

Below is a tutorial video that shows some of the ways where you can use Liquid Rhythm within Ohm Studio.

We are still working on integrating Ohm Studio with Liquid Rhythm, please note that there are some bugs that we need to work out. One of these bugs is that you can’t use external MIDI controllers with Liquid Rhythm. In the meantime you can use the drag and drop feature to import MIDI into Ohm Studio.

If you use Ohm Studio and want to see some type of feature involving Liquid Rhythm please email support. We really want to tighten integration with Ohm Studio and with your workflows and ideas we can make it happen. 

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