Here are what some of our past interns had to say about their experiences:

Isaac Wang

Software Developer, PEY Internship May 2012 to Aug 2013
Graduated Engineering Science at University of Toronto, 2014
Pursuing Masters of Applied Science at University of Toronto, *expecting to graduate 2016
Continues as a part-time developer at WaveDNA

“I had a blast doing my PEY at WaveDNA. The work is challenging and exciting. I was tasked to solve many interesting problems independently, but always with a ready source of help from the crew. Throughout my time at WaveDNA I learned many valuable skills, both in software and in the field of digital music. The work place is very open and comfortable. The friendly crew combined with the agile environment instantly made me felt like part of the team. Overall it was great to work with people who are so passionate about music.”

Natasha Dalal


Software Developer, PEY Internship May 2012 to Aug 2013
Graduated Computer Science at University of Toronto, 2014
Developer at
“Interning at WaveDNA was a fantastic experience. It was a great place to get introduced to the software industry. Unlike many of my peers, I had the opportunity to dig into code from day 1 and I was never treated differently for being an intern or given busy work. I got to work on fairly large features of the software and got to see my work being used in the final product. WaveDNA was a very encouraging and friendly environment to work in. The team was smart, motivated, funny, and full of good conversation. I learned a lot in my time there — about music, software, and just generally about working as part of a team. WaveDNA is brimming with excitement, passion, and innovation and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it.”

Daphne Ippolito

Software Developer, PEY Internship May 2013 to July 2014
Studying Computer Science at University of Toronto, *expecting to graduate 2015

“I interned with WaveDNA from 2013-2014. It was an exciting time for the company. I came while we were in the midst of an enormous UI overhaul, participated in the development of an Ableton plugin that became one of our biggest features, and saw the successful release of Liquid Rhythm on Steam. I got to play with and program almost every MIDI device under the sun, and I came away with a deep appreciation for the inner workings of electronic music.The great thing about working at a startup is that interns are treated the same as full software developers. I was given a large amount of creative leeway on the features I implemented, and I was always encouraged to voice my design opinions. Everyone at WaveDNA, from my fellow software developers to the product specialists and marketing team, was extremely friendly, interesting, and passionate. I could not have asked for a better place to do PEY.”

Chris Menezes

Software Developer, Internship May 2013 to Aug 2014
Studying Computer Science at Ryerson University, *expecting to graduate 2015

“My internship at WaveDNA was a lot of fun. Working at a start up was a excellent way to get introduced to software development. I came in with zero music knowledge and thought that would be a hindrance in my ability to complete assigned tasks but all those doubts were cast aside very soon. If I had any music based or algorithmic questions, there was never a shortage of team members to consult. I was given the tasks and independence that of a full time developer and worked on features that made it to the final software. The team was always helpful, easygoing, open minded and fun to interact with. If anyone is looking for a easy workload then this might not be the ideal fit for them, but if someone is looking for an interesting and collaborative work environment that features a great team then they should definitely check out WaveDNA.”

Trista Mueller

Software Developer, PEY Internship May 2013 to Aug 2014
Studying Computer Science at University of Toronto, *expecting to graduate 2015

“At WaveDNA, the environment is casual like I never thought a workplace could be. Seating, starting, time, even the type of projects I worked on were up to me. It was great to have so much freedom and input. If you value your independence, WaveDNA is the company to work for.”

William Armstrong

Software Developer, Summer Internship 2014
Studying Computer Science at University of Toronto, *expecting to graduate 2015

“WaveDNA encourages participation in creative discussion, is accommodating in terms of flexible work hours, offers a competitive salary, and boasts a friendly experienced development team. Whether you want to delve deep into musical theory, statistical based music composition suggestion engines, or simply obtain professional experience in Java, this internship allows for exploration in a variety of interesting topics. This is definitely not a ‘cookie-cutter’ internship as the development team at WaveDNA will encourage you to carve out your own path.”

Matthew Giamou

Software Developer, Summer Co-op May 2012 to Sep 2012
Studying Engineering Science at University of Toronto, *expecting to graduate 2015

“I spent a summer working as a co-op software developer at WaveDNA. The idea of working on musical software was exciting to me as it combined my interests in music and computers. During my time at WaveDNA, I worked with a team of creative and skilled musicians and software engineers. I learned and exercised new coding techniques, all while implementing novel and creative beat generation software. The environment at WaveDNA is open, flexible and mentoring: someone was always available to help me out and teamwork and brainstorming were encouraged. Working for WaveDNA was a one of a kind experience that I would recommend to anyone with a passion for software development or music! “

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