Cycling 74 Interviews WaveDNA

The team from WaveDNA talks to Cycling 74 about Liquid Rhythm and how Max fits into the workflow Part of the development team from WaveDNA recently sat down with Marsha Vdovin of Cycling 74 to talk about Liquid Rhythm, unlocking the mystery of MIDI, and the Max framework. Lead Inventor Dave Beckford, Senior Developers Peter Slack and Hui Wang, and Developer Chris Menezes discussed the theory behind Liquid Rhythm beat creation software, and…

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Our Beat Generating Software Revolutionizes Digital Music Creation

Liquid Rhythm, our powerful beat generating software, gets powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools WaveDNA is excited to announce a significant update to the full version of Liquid Rhythm beat generation software, including powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools to create and remix drum patterns. This can now be achieved either directly in Ableton Live clips via Max For Live, as a Plug-In, or as a stand-alone application.…

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