Ableton Live 9 + Liquid Rhythm Integration

Liquid Rhythm + Ableton Live 9 + Push Workflow Walkthrough:

How to use Liquid Rhythm as a VST or AU plugin with Ableton Live 9:

How to use Liquid Rhythm with another sampler (such as Kontakt, Battery, BFD…) in Ableton Live:

Liquid Rhythm as a Max Patch in Ableton Live 9:

Generating Melodic Patterns with Liquid Rhythm in Ableton Live 9:

How to use alternate time signatures with Liquid Rhythm and Ableton Live 9:

How to embed Battery into a Drum Rack (by Jonny Litten):

This is for users of Liquid Rhythm Max For Live bridge who use other samplers other than Drum Rack, and want the benefit of seeing instrument names in Liquid Rhythm.

Liquid Rhythm with Emulator, Ableton Live 9 and a guitar player:

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