Liquid Rhythm Intro got GreenLit!

It was the middle of the day, Tuesday November 12, 2013, and the WaveDNA team was right in the thick of it. Why? We are preparing to release Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.4; perfection is our main focus. There is a lot of excitement,  movement, and communication between everyone here at WaveDNA. As I was stepping away from my desk to go talk to Allison about a problem she just reproduced,…

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Enjoying Fun Startups

Sometimes you have fun! People sometimes ask, ‘Why did you leave a Fortune 50 company to risk it at a startup’? The simple answer is its fun and different! At the Fortune 50 company, your day and your week is often quite predictable. Within a few years you often realize your place in the organization, you have a path for contribution, and everything else seems to happen automatically. You can…

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Mike C Lovett

Inspiring Artists Series: Mike C Lovett Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Mike C Lovett to talk about his current setup, workflow and Bandcamp’s 12in12x12 Who are you? and why are you on this planet? Father. Photographer. Noise maker. An Enterprise Architect who specializes in information architecture. Why am I on this planet? I will paraphrase, with a sense of irony, the words of Tim Minchin… to celebrate this wonderful, meaningless…

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Inspiring Artists Series: Nick Trass Video + Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Nick Trass, a Pro bass player from Australia. Who are you? and why are you on this planet? My name is Nick Trass and I’ve been a bass player for almost 30 years, but I’m now focusing more on producing electronic music all within the box. My real aim is to use the full scope of the digital environment…

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IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a Smashing Success!

WaveDNA was at IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 IMSTA is very proud to announce that IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a smashing success, with close to 1800 visitors coming through the doors and roaming the hallways of the SAE Institute. People had lined up to enter the show well before 10:30 AM and the IMSTA FESTA crew and security staff did an excellent job to ensure that registrations…

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Tapping with Memory Lane 2, Liquid Rhythm, and Pro Tools 10

Tapping With memory Lane I wrote this guitar riff the other day because feelings. And because I have this amazing delay pedal that was sounding particularly inspiring that night. So I was feeding my guitar through my Apogee duet into Pro Tools ,which I’m totally new to, but I’ve always read about how great it is for recording audio; as a guitar player, I thought I’d give it a chance.…

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digital media zone

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone Hosted A Collaboration

Spent a great afternoon at Digital Media Zone with Our Friends We had an exciting meeting this morning at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. Surrounded by our friends from the Centre For Music Education & Cognition and Smithson Martin, we discussed the educational merits of collaborating together. Stay tuned for more exciting news to follow in the coming weeks… Here is some additional information about our friends: The Centre For Music…

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Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013 – Where have all the software companies gone…?

An interesting article by Chris Halaby mentioning Liquid Rhythm on The governing body of the Musikmesse announced that 2013 closed its doors with an increase in visitor numbers. Altogether, 1,384 (In 2012 there were 1,504) exhibitors from 51 nations presented their products and services to 70,863 visitors (In 2012 there were 68,587). Compared to the previous year, this represents growth of 3.3% on the visitor side. “The increase in the number…

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